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Intermediate Hockey Goalie Blocker - Made In Canada. Flite Hockey goalie Catcher Blocker Features consist of CANADIAN PRODUCED

Obstructing board with Lexan amalgamated reinforcement
Flexible wrist band
Full motion flex wristband design
Complete large little finger protectors and side ring finger guards
Part hand safeguard for improved hand safety
Palm with honey hold material gives additional stay grip control and dries extremely fast
Air flow cushioned cushioning for back side of hand
Pointed bottom of board intended for paddle straight down access
Super light weight style

The Flite "Chaos" Hockey goalie blocker is made to provide the finest amount of net protection possible. The blocking surface area features a progressive curve from your middle towards the top not to limit the size of the table. The top and bottom edge from the board is usually tapered to get enhanced seal off to the snow surface whilst making exercise down techniques. A fullflex cuff enables maximum hand movement. The protective polyurethane foam board is definitely constructed with multiple layers of ultra highdensity foam and a polycarbonate Lexan blend shield pertaining to increased security and puck control. Exclusive side hands protection with deflector pub adds to the general amount of net insurance coverage area.

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Intermediate Hockey Goalie Blocker - Made In Canada

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